Brain Games For You

Brain teasers could be an option other than the home movie marathon during this pandemic. Aeonic has a recommendation for you, which can be ‘head spinning’, but still fun to play!

If you are bored with the same games on your smartphone, it may be time for you to download and try to beat the brain teasers. This game can not only fill your spare time with fun things, but also test your brain’s ability to solve the problems you face.

The game is also available in a digital version that you can download for free on the play store and to be played on various occasions.

In addition to the classic games that have been converted to digital form, you can also train your memory with a wider variety of brain teasers. What are the recommendations? What benefits can you get from playing this brain teaser game?

Recommended brain teasers that challenge your skills
There are tons of brain teasers that can be delayed for free, ranging from games that test logic, memory, and math skills. Here are some recommendations for brain teasers with positive ratings from users that you can try.

1. Lumosity: Brain Training

This brain teaser is one of the most downloaded cognitive games (over 10 million times) and has earned the label ‘Editors Choice’ on the Play Store. This game is a game that can train your brain as well as mentally in a fun way. In this app, you can find more than 50 activities that challenge your brain. The types of games are quite varied, ranging from memory training, brain speed, logic, mathematics, to problem-solving.

2. Brain Out

Having been downloaded more than 100 million times, this brain teaser offers a variety of games that are out of the ordinary. Some of the questions may look silly, but they aim to test your logic, reflexes, accuracy, memory, and creativity skills. Not only testing your level of intelligence, this game also challenges your emotional maturity which will be stirred up with an out-of-the-box test. . However, one of the shortcomings of this game that many users complain about is the large number of advertisements that appear between games.

3. Fit Brain

This brain teaser game offers the sensation of training the brain, especially memory, focus and speed with access to more than 360 puzzles. You can also download this game for free on the Play Store or App Store. Interestingly, the difficulty level will get higher as the levels you are able to complete are getting higher. Thus, you will always feel challenged to beat the tests.

4. Brain Metrix

Want a brain teaser game that you can play on your personal computer or laptop? You can surf on the Brain Metrix site. There are various types of games to practice concentration, color, IQ, spatial intelligence, and so on.

5. Pocket Drawing Quiz

This brain teaser game is one of the works of Indonesian software developer Touchten. In this game, you will be required to imagine and think out-of-the-box in order to answer the various images available. Interestingly, you can also send predictable image ideas in the application via social media posts. will generate points which can then be exchanged for various gifts from the developer. What kind of brain teasers will you try?

Is it true that brain teasers can improve brain power?

The benefits of brain teasers to improve your own brainpower are still pros and cons. There is research that says that playing this game can maximize brain function and work, such as increasing memory abilities and speed of processing information. Even so, not a few research results say otherwise.

According to the researchers, people who like to play brain teasers are not shown to have better cognitive abilities than people who never do.

Then, which one should you believe? As long as brain teasers can help you spend leisure time relaxed, while reducing stress, and don’t interfere with your daily routine, it doesn’t really matter if you try to play them.