About Us

“Aeonic Entertainment is a vision statement in itself”

– Unknown

Who cares about the team or their feelings? Show me the GAME!

Aeonic Entertainment is an independent game studio in Tampere, Finland. We’re working on Action Legion, our first Windows PC title that is set to launch in early 2016.

Our mission:

Make games that change the world
No compromise
If you said something nasty and you regret it, apologize
Have a blast, but clean up afterwards

Aeonic Entertainment and collaborators in alphabetical order, by surname, all very nice people:

Arto Härkönen, Programmer
Antti Ikäläinen, Designer
Sami Kojo, Programmer
Joanna Lankoski, Designer
Samuli Lautjärvi, Artist
Olli Oja, Composer
Taneli Pursiainen, Designer
Hans Zenjuga, Artist

Interested in joining or collaborating? Give us a shout through our Contact page!